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  • 1/3/2013
    Next up in our end-of-year recap series is Melanie Eyerman, our Communications team manager. Find out about the growth and accomplishments her team experienced throughout the year.

    2012 has been a transitional year for many industries as businesses big and small try to embrace the notion of a more social business while also dealing with the fact that everyone with a Twitter handle is now a 24/7 news source (credible or not).

    Good or bad, everything changes more rapidly than it did before. With that, the Communications team has evolved to meet the rising need for content curators, storytellers, media mavens, community managers and marketing analysts.

    We dropped the PR moniker and embraced the notion of our team becoming more entwined with traditional and digital tactics across the company. The Communications team has started working more closely with the Multimedia, Design and Development teams to help clients develop a consistent content strategy and voice. From time to time, we’ll even claim the Optimization team as part of our own as SEO is playing an even bigger role in our social media and other online communications efforts.

    Growth has been a theme of the entire company for the past year, and our team has benefited from that as Marissa made the move from a part-time position to our full-time communications coordinator and we welcomed our newest intern, Taylor, into the fold. With the additions of Madison, our resident social media specialist, and Tom, our communications specialist, we are better equipped than ever before to fulfill all types of client needs in various capacities.

    Standout moments

    As a manager, you are only as good as your team, and they have made me so incredibly proud of their accomplishments this year. With growth comes new challenges and they have faced them head-on without hesitation.

    Just a few highlights from the past year include: 
    • Continued success with media coverage in national publications such as Forbes, Gizmodo and L.A. Times 
    • Conducted a multitude of social media campaigns for brands such as Munchkin, Inc., Cedar Fair, Cleveland HeartLab and Hospice of the Western Reserve (among others)
    • Introduced the first-ever thunder::tech GSP competition to generate social media content (you can stop by and ask us about it sometime during beer::30)
    • Worked with world-renowned Cirque de Soleil to promote their production of Drailion via media and blogger relations
    • Provided social media strategy, consultation and support to brands such as Grecian Delight and DDR Corp.
    • Assisted in our first military-specific product launch via social media, media relations and multimedia for Cleveland’s own Team Wendy

    We even got thrown around by professional stunt drivers to help media members experience a new product introduced by Prestolite Performance at the SEMA tradeshow in Las Vegas. Check out the wild ride we took them on:  

    Whether on the track, touring a medical lab or hanging with fish and bloggers at the aquarium, one word you can’t use to describe our year is boring.

    Special thanks to my awesome team for their continued hard work, education and general shenanigans. They continue to produce great work despite my random singing. Thanks also to our wonderful clients who always make our job more fun. It’s very gratifying to work together and watch ideas transform into reality.

    Here’s to a new year filled with innovation, discovery, triumph and surprise.

    Bring. It. On.

    About the author::
    Melanie Eyerman is the Communications team manager at thunder::tech. When she’s not brainstorming ideas with her team, interacting with clients or strategizing the best use of content and analytics, our Georgia Bulldog loves playing rec. sports, cheering on her favorite football teams and enjoying a good bottle of wine with close friends.
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