What Facebook’s News Feed updates mean for marketers

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  • 3/11/2013
    If you’re on our social media e-news list, you received an email last Thursday telling you that Facebook is up to it again…they’re changing everything. But this time it’s actually good for marketers.

    If you didn’t get the email, here’s what you need to know about the update::

    First, the nicest thing Facebook gave users in the redesign was a uniformed look across all platforms. It may not seem like a big deal, but when I stare at my phone for more than 30 seconds trying to remember where that stinking “Most Recent” option is, it’s infuriating. I close Facebook. I have an issue with patience. But anywho…when people aren’t using Facebook because it’s frustrating, it’s a problem for marketers who want to reach their audiences. So that problem is fixed.

    Second, and most importantly, the News Feed is now News Feeds. That’s right, you will be able to filter your information according to what mood you’re in that moment. Don’t feel like reading much? There’s the Photos News Feed. Want to catch up on the latest gossip your friends are sharing? Check out the Most Recent News Feed.

    But best of all is the feed only for pages a user is following. As marketers, the Following News Feed is where we will want people to spend their time. Looking at our content, loving us, being amazed with our coolness and sharing our coolness with others. That’s the goal.

    Finally, everything I complain about marketers dislike will be getting a smidge better. Photos are getting bigger, videos are getting a fair share of space, ads will not be microscopic, posts that share only a link will get some credit finally and users will be able to better see what their friends are sharing from both inside and outside Facebook.

    Our Recommendation – Start thinking about your visual strategy now. We’ve been given an opportunity to get in front of more of our audience on Facebook and photos are the way to do it. Let’s not waste it, team. Now go out there and be great.

    Anxious to get on the waiting list for the update and get a preview of the changes?

    Thought so. This link will get you there.

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    About the author::
    Madison Bender is the social media specialist at thunder::tech. She develops social media strategies that help clients reach their overall marketing goals. An easy way to win a place in her heart is with pasta, Milky Ways or any viral video including a goat.
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