August 2014
Make the Logo Smaller?
Anyone who’s every done design work for a client has heard this at least once in their life: “Make the logo bigger.” We recently read an article highlighting a surprising trend online--companies making their logos smaller. Has the world gone mad?

While you can argue that a company’s logo is the most recognizable element of their brand, there’s smarter ways to keep the brand top of mind without sacrificing valuable online real estate.

“Sticky navigation,” or logo/brand/navigation that moves with you as you scroll down a page, is one emerging technique that helps users connect the content they are consuming at the moment with the brand who has provided it. Positive feelings about the content = positive feelings about the brand. Win-win.

Of course, this technique only works if the brand is providing content that the audience wants and enjoys. But that’s a topic for a different Creative Update.
Personas 101
You’re probably already familiar with how persona development can help you better understand your audience and sharpen your marketing messages. But, if you want a fun refresher or a basic introduction that you can share with others in your company, watch our Creative Director explain how they can benefit your brand.


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