Why Your Business Should Use an Integrated Marketing Agency

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  • 8/9/2017

    If you’re an avid thunder::tech blog reader, you’ve probably seen our updated piece that defines what an integrated marketing agency is. Long story short, it's a marketing partner that has a variety of in-house skill sets to help strategize and execute any and all aspects of your brand’s marketing.

    Integrated marketing agencies are vastly different from a single marketing generalist or specialist. Agencies have team members who specialize in specific areas of marketing and work collaboratively for fluid, effective and efficient results.

    So, why should you consider partnering with an integrated marketing agency? This is the big question here, especially if you are figuring out if you should hire a full-time marketer or an agency.

    Let's explore a few of the reasons:

    • The Marketing Unicorn Myth

      Without being staffed like an agency yourself, it can be quite difficult to find an employee, or even a small team of employees, that have the skill sets to do it all.

      (And to do it all right!)

      If you are seeking or have this unicorn, you may have difficulties keeping or convincing them that there is enough time in a workweek to do it all.

      In other words, just because your team has the knowledge to set up and manage your PPC Campaigns doesn't mean that they are a skilled web designer and/or developer. Let your marketing unicorn be your strategist and have your agency fill in, guide, execute, report and pivot where appropriate.

    • The Multitasking Myth

      We get it.

      From your marketing plan, to your new website content, to your sales team farming goals all the way to your operations expenses, there’s a lot of moving parts. You have a lot of other things going on to run a successful business than worry about your entire marketing deck all while managing your internal teams.

      Phew, it's exhausting just to think about it!

      But how do you keep informed about the ever-changing world of marketing on top of all of that?

      This is where you should lean on an agency to help you understand future projections, stay ahead of the curve, and outsmart the competition. Let the agency educate you on what changes and progressions are relevant to your business and how to move forward.

    • The Shiny Partner Myth

      Budgets are tight and you need to supplement your team's capabilities to get some of your goals accomplished this year. Plus you need to show your organization's executives what has been accomplished.

      We’ve all been there.

      So should you use a freelancer, your friend’s daughter who’s studying graphic design, or an integrated agency to design a new mailing or reinvent the brand?

      The final fit is up to you, but don't let it come down to budget or because something shiny caught your eye. Make sure your partner is doing their job and doing it with intention.

      Please, please, PLEASE don't move forward with a partner because you think a portfolio is “pretty” or “modern.” While those characteristics are helpful, choose your partner because they have proven results, exhibited forward-thinking and can solve problems.

    An integrated marketing agency, for example, will do all of this for you. It’s an agency’s job to help you figure out aspects like who, what, where, when, why and how. Integrated marketing agencies answer all of the five W’s so that you can spend time focusing on your customers and ROI.

    Think you’re interested in ditching the first-year design major and working with an agency? We can probably name another few dozen reasons why you should partner with an integrated marketing agency, so give us a buzz if you’d like to learn more.
    About the author::  Kelly McGuire is a Business Development Specialist who works with prospective clients to identify their goals and formulate a plan to accomplish them. Kelly enjoys travelling to anywhere there’s a beach, loves biking and is often called the best dressed in the office. In her spare time she tries to attend as many visual and performing arts related events in Cleveland as she can. 
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