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  • 12/11/2017

    SEO is a crucial part to all companies interested in website design, content strategy and page ranking. Google ranks search engine results based on content, mobile experience, page speed, backlinks and other various technical aspects.

    At thunder::tech, our Optimization Team uses a variety of tools to find relevant keywords, problems with page speed, and opportunities for link building to increase the search engine ranking of our clients. Listed below are several free and paid tools used by our optimization team and the SEO community.

    Keyword Research Tools

    Keyword research helps drive relevant content and should be incorporated into content strategies. At thunder::tech we use tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner, Moz’s Keyword Explorer and SEM Rush to discover keyword trends. These keywords are then incorporated into blogs, headers and page titles to increase the content relevancy and page rank. Below are resources from some popular examples of keyword research tools used to increase relevant content:

    Backlink Tools

    Link building is crucial to a strong SEO strategy. The process of link building is largely acquiring hyperlinks from other sites, which can be difficult to master. Several advantages can be attributed to link building strategies including increasing popularity, increase in search engine ranking and increasing traffic to your site. That being said, there are disadvantages to watch out for as well.

    Large amounts of poor inbound links can actually decrease your page rank potentially decreasing your site traffic. The t::t Optimization Team uses several tools to monitor inbound and outbound links. Link building tools allows our team to track domain backlinks, conduct link analysis and compare our clients’ link building process to their competitors’. Majestic SEO Link Index, Moz’s Open Site Explorer and SEM Rush Domain Analytics are all great tools for building and maintaining an ongoing link building strategy. Below are several tools used in link building strategies to increase potential search engine ranking:

    Page Speed Tools

    In 2010, Google announced that page speed is a factor in their search ranking algorithm. How quickly a website can respond to specific commands not only impacts user experience, but also the technical side of the website. The optimization team works hand-in-hand with our development team to make sure websites are technically optimized to increase page speed and overall site performance.

    GTmetrix is a great place to start when determining your websites current page speed. GTmetrix allows optimization experts to test page speed on different browsers and locations throughout the world. Once you’ve determined that your site is operating slower than expected, the next step would be to run your site through Google Pagespeed Tools. Google Pagespeed Tools is a very important tool for discovering the technical aspects of a website that are reducing page speed. Potential issues could include oversized images, broken page elements, and optimizing JavaScript and CCS code. Listed below are some popular tools used to determine page speed along with recommendations on ways to improve your site's current page speed:

    Mobile Optimization Tools

    In November of 2016, Google made an important announcement regarding their search ranking system. Google confirmed that indexing would be mobile-first. The announcement required SEO specialists and experts to determine if their sites were mobile-friendly. With the announcement came several tools including, the Mobile-Friendly Test and Mobile Speed Test from Google. Our team uses these tools to discover mobile page speed insights and technical components that need to be fixed. As the use of mobile devices increases the need for mobile-optimized websites will continue to gain importance. Below are some popular tools used by thunder::tech to determine if a website is mobile friendly:

    Website Crawling Tools

    Lastly, crawling software is essential when working in SEO. Tools such as Screaming Frog provide optimization teams with a full crawl of the websites’ URLs and elements, including alt text, page titles, meta descriptions and more. The full crawl also allows SEO experts to find broken pages, links and how optimized titles and meta descriptions are. Listed below is a popular crawling tool used by many in the SEO community:

    The SEO tools mentioned above, provides our team with the knowledge and applications needed to create strong performing, optimized websites for our clients.

    Interested in learning more about SEO or performance marketing? Visit our site for more blogs or contact us directly at 888-321-8422. Optimize your website today!
    About the author::Dan Lyons is an Integrated Marketing Coordinator at thunder::tech. He develops and implements well-rounded digital campaigns that help clients achieve their business goals. He's best described a positive, hard-working person who enjoys working out and a good laugh.
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