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  • 12/4/2018

    How easily does conversation come for you? 

    Are you one of those personable, pleasant and quick-witted individuals that can hold an enjoyable conversation with anyone? Or do you get high anxiety at even the mere hint of attending a networking event? 

    For many professionals, customer service interactions and sales conversations do not come easily either. In fact, these interactions are so full of slippery obstacles these days that your company could face some serious social media backlash if there is a wrongly worded response or gaffe anywhere along the way.

    Now, think about asking a group of developers to translate wit, empathy and branding into code. And, with those developer hours spent, demand phenomenal business returns in the form of propelled transactions, satisfied customers and newly acquired accounts. One would think that is a charge only true sci-fi artificial intelligence could satisfy.

    That is pretty much where most of the big names in retail, finance, insurance, health care and other industries are today with chatbots and virtual assistants, and it well describes the challenge they have issued to their CIOs and CMOs.

    Like most emerging tech trends, the big questions for those in the middle-market are, “Should my company get involved?” and, “What are risks and rewards of doing so?”

    In the “Click if You’re Not a Robot” article, you can read about what chatbots and voice technology could mean for brands like yours. Download your copy now and start planning for your robot-infused future!


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