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  • 12/20/2018

    As we head into 2019, it’s important to make sure that your end-of-year media budget is set up for success! This is something that you should have been thinking about/scheduling long before reading this blog…more like end of September/early October. But, in case you, like many others, are rushing through the end of the year, here are a couple things to keep in mind to plan for 2019.

    1. S-T-R-A-T-E-G-Y

    Whether you’re getting too big to DIY your media plan alone or seasoned pro working with an agency, without a media/marketing strategy you might as well throw all your cards up in the air and wish on a star. There needs to be a clear goal in mind and every step after that needs to be how this will affect the goal either positively or negatively and why. What are you trying to gain and how are you going to get there? No successful media plan was ever built without a strong strategy as the foundation. Not sure where to start? Look at your data, performance metrics and ask your media reps and agency for recommendations. Also ask for new placements and what new options may be available for your budget.

    2. Message, Message, Message

    What is your message? What goals and topics do you need to push in 2019? More attendance, tickets sold, downloads, quote requests or just your latest campaign? Make sure that your message is going to grab your audience’s attention and make them care. Your audience wants and needs to know what’s in it for them, so be sure to think of not only the words, but tone, visuals and medium for variation of the message. Try to stick to one main message in all of your media efforts so the audience can do one thing….Focus! In today’s world there is so much noise to break through, your audience only needs to hear one solid message, not two or three.

    3. Research

    Are you using the right channels? What is the medium that your target audience uses most? If you’re not sure yet and don’t have research or data to lean on, look to competitors and brainstorm similar mediums to add into your media mix research. All messages can be split into three categories.

    • Media worthy (TV, print, radio)
    • Social worthy (Support of your main message on social media or display)
    • Mention worthy (Support with everything except TV & Print)
    4. Frequency Is Key

    Push it Real Good...Thanks Salt N Pepa for the encouraging words. All joking aside, another key factor to consider along with using the right channels is frequency. Ever heard of “The Rule of Seven?” The rule of seven simply says that the prospective audience should hear or see the marketing message at least seven times before they take action. That doesn’t need to be seven touch points in the same setting, so remember to consider diversity in your placements just as much frequency.

    5. Believe what you say!

    Stand behind your message, or like the Window World guys say-stand on it! Make sure your message is strong and believable. There needs to be a sense of confidence and trust within your message that your audience can see and feel. Trust goes a long way. Without it why should your audience care? Just think about how trust affects your everyday life and how you have gained and kept that trust within certain products/services. If you can find a way to offer an incentive or other way to encourage your audience to try you out, even better. A trial, consultation or sample can help seal the deal, plus, it can make for a more inviting message!

    Think you need a little more advice or assistance on your media plan? We know a thing or two on how to help your 2019 media plan get off the ground. Give us a call or get in touch with us on our website.

    About the author::Kim Boggs is a Senior Account Manager at thunder::tech. She manages all of the day-to-day activities for her clients to make sure everything is running smoothly and stays on track. Loves any chance she can to get her hands on a puppy or go on a tropical getaway or dropping the mic on the dance floor.
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