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  • 12/18/2018

    It wasn’t all so long ago when the average consumer was weary of entering a credit card number into an online store, unsure of how the virtual shopping process would work. Where will my information go? Will I ever receive my products? What happens if I’m not happy with my purchase?

    Today, we live in the world of one-click checkout and two-day shipping. According to Fortune and the Department of Commerce data, e-commerce generated 13% of total retail sales in 2017, up from 7.9% in 2012 and 3.2% in 2007. Technology is the most rapidly changing medium in our lives, to the point where we as consumers and professional marketers don’t get a fair amount of time to assess, comprehend and challenge the new elements thrown at us as a part of modern society.

    As the space for creative, fresh ideas to enter the market continues to shrink among the noise, and the space to communicate to consumers in that market becomes even more limited and tricky, the perfect storm has been created: A place where businesses launch, learn to operate in a lean and scrappy manner, and then grow quickly. The same place where consumers have learned to navigate their way through a maze of content, reviews and ads in order to make decisions. This is where Amazon lives and thrives today. In the center of the storm where brands either compete or join and consumers login daily because it’s easier than shopping elsewhere. But what comes next in this 24/7 e-commerce world is what we should all be keeping an eye on because navigating the Amazon ecosystem as marketers and consumers will change, and change very soon.

    In the Swimming Upstream article, you will read about: 

    • The Amazon Ecosystem
    • Navigating Amazon Marketing

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