Perspective and Progress: A Reflection on 2020

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  • 12/18/2020

    This end-of-year blog post seems strange to write during a year we'll never forget; and of course it was, since there was a 100-year pandemic that occurred. But you know that by now after being endlessly subjected to months of advertisers telling you "in these uncertain and unprecedented times" (check out this compilation of pandemic ads if you haven't seen it). 
    While there was plenty of uncertainty this past year, we were grateful that thunder::tech has been a digital-first, integrated marketing agency since 1999. Twenty-plus years of working in digital marketing and building technology stacks for clients meant that we were ready for the explosion of brands ramping up digital efforts to adapt to consumer behavior changes. 
    One thing I believe that rings true in any crisis, is that you learn more about people when times are tough, and the opportunity to grow and learn was all around us in 2020. This year, our long-term bets on who we surround ourselves with, both our teammates and the clients that make up our roster, made all the difference. 
    I believe that thunder::tech has always looked for smart, caring, curious humans to work together. It was critical during the early days of the pandemic crisis when we needed to roll up our sleeves to help many clients change direction and then throughout the year where we assisted all of our clients that were adapting to the new reality. This servant leadership mentality has ultimately allowed us to grow our team and we have more open positions that we are looking to find great talent for. Finally, the team didn't just adapt to a work-from-home world, but thrived as we evolved and permanently moved to an "all of the above" work environment. 
    On the client side, we partner with brands that are serious about accelerating growth in a connected world and this has led us to be surrounded with clients that have a growth mindset. Whether they're near our Cleveland headquarters or in Connecticut or California, we have chosen our clients well over the years and are proud of how many are doubling down and finding ways to win right now. 
    Some specific highlights of the team's tenacity and ingenuity this past year:
    • Our Performance Marketing Team doubled down efforts on service expansion and added new talent supplying demand generation strategies that are more critical today than ever
    • We launched a new Web & SysOps Team that is helping scale clients' sites and perform when they're needed most
    • Our Multimedia Team figured out how to manage production work safely and appropriately when clients needed to get their video message out during this pandemic
    • We developed a sizeable library of marketing resources specific to marketing during COVID-19 for clients to use
    • As an integrated marketing agency, we were grateful when clients needed to shift services, that they decided to shift those marketing services within thunder::tech
    • Every one of our core industry categories from Industrial, Food and Beverage, Automotive, Consumer Products and Services and even in the Destination category, added substantial work
    The curve balls thrown at all of us were endless, but with each one people and brands had decisions to make. As we close out the wildest year I've ever seen, all I can say about what I saw from teammates, clients and partners is that I'm tremendously proud to be associated with all of them.
    Happy holidays, and happy marketing from thunder::tech!
    About the author::Jason Therrien is the president of thunder::tech. He is a fan of entrepreneurs and trailblazers, a proud dad and he liked scotch before Mad Men made it cool.
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