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  • 12/14/2020
    In today’s connected world, brands need their websites, digital campaigns and e-commerce experiences up and performing at all times. Every hour of downtime means lost revenue and every slow or unoptimized experience forces a potential customer to look elsewhere.
    Today we're proud to support the need for growing digital infrastructure by announcing the formation of a dedicated Web & SysOps Team within thunder::tech. We have handled these services since our beginning, but now with increased demand from clients we’re building a committed response. The new Web & SysOps Team is a dedicated group of technical professionals that will be led by an existing, highly qualified team member who has been promoted to lead our efforts.
    Bruce Williams, Vice President of the Department says "This is a great next step for thunder::tech's technical department. Our committed Web & SysOps Team will allow clients to continue to scale and provide a proactive, reliable experience to their clients. This team will help clients rest easier that there is an entire group of people thinking about their brand 24/7."

    Brands have ever-increasing needs for better web security and expanded hosting options for the more business critical operations running through their sites. The Web & SysOps Team offers a single partner for managing their digital properties. The team will provide the following services:
    Reliable Hosting (Coverage for most popular CMS and ecommerce platforms)
    • Advanced DDoS Mitigation
    • Firewall Security
    • Malware Scanning
    • Proactive Performance Monitoring 
    • Caching
    • Auto-scaling Options
    • CMS Platform, Plugin Monitoring, Reporting and Upgrades
    • ADA Accessibility Options
    • Domain and DNS Management
    • Source Control and Release Management
    • CMS and Platform Training
    The Web & SysOps Team will continue to offer these services in a vendor-agnostic way, utilizing multiple best-of-breed providers for each service that can be matched to the situation at hand for our client.
    We are grateful to have so many clients place their trust in thunder::tech as their digital agency of choice. The formation of our new Web & SysOps team is another way for thunder::tech to respond to an evolving market and elevate our partners and clients to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

    Interested in having a dedicated team on call to back your website's upkeep and functionality 24/7? Let us know and we'll introduce you to the Web & SysOps Team!
    About the author::thunder::tech is an integrated marketing agency delivering advertising, communications, web design, graphic design, video and branding expertise to our middle-market and enterprise clients across the globe.
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