2013 Department Recap: Account Services

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  • 1/16/2014
    Welcome once again to our annual multi-part chatter series where we ask our department managers to recap the year. Overall, thunder::tech had an eventful 2013 full of change, growth and innovation. Stay tuned in the next couple weeks for a look into the years of each department.

    Our Account Services Department Manager Andrea Aber brings you our next recap, which highlights some of the growth and expansion of services her department has accomplished during the past year.

    You heard it from the other three Department managers and you’ll hear it from me as well, I can’t believe another year has passed and wow, what a year it’s been! As the agency continues to grow by adding new employees, increasing our service offerings and expanding our footprint, that means a LOT of very exciting changes for thunder::tech.

    With the expansion of the agency, the Account Services Department also saw growth this year. We hired two new account managers, Eric Crilow and Steve Frohwerk, and we look forward to continuing to grow the department in 2014. The team’s growth and talent continues to allow for more travel opportunities, and this past year you could find us in Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, Austin, New York, Los Angeles and many more cities.

    Continuing to expand the Account Services Department has allowed our skill sets to continue to grow as well. We now hold the following teams:

    1. Business Development Team
    2. Media Buying & Planning Team
    3. Strategy Team

    We’ve been hearing in more and more conversations with clients that they are now more willing to change their marketing plans, which is great. Change can come from changing up a media buy that’s been in place for the past five years with new creative, implementing remarketing ads, moving more toward digital or even experimenting with a TV commercial. The Strategy Team is having similar conversations around completing marketing audits and developing strategic marketing plans that can include product launches and overall tactical executions.

    By following the leading marketing trends and continuing to educate our clients, the department is interested in our clients adopting the analytics of big data, getting more involved in content strategy and enhancing their email marketing efforts.

    I would like to thank thunder::tech’s clients who have been working with us for several years and our new clients who started working with us in 2013. The thunder::tech team strives to follow our four guiding principles of great work, customer service, innovation and education, and we’re excited to enter a very exciting and successful 2014 with all of you!

    I also would like to thank my entire team for a productive and effective 2014, including all the great laughs! Each team member continues to show dedication and drive, and because of that, our clients continue to grow year after year with thunder::tech.

    Happy New Year from the Account Services Department. We look forward to a fantastic and exciting 2014!

    About the Author::
    Andrea Aber is the Account Services Department Manager at thunder::tech and is our resident process guru. When she’s not working with her team members on client strategy and meeting with clients, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family and friends and venturing to local Cleveland restaurants.

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