Episode 71 - Trends Volume 9: Creating Engaging Visual Content

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  • 1/18/2018
    One of the six-part series of podcasts connected to our 2018 Trends publication. Is your brand developing and disseminating easy-to-scan, simple content? If not, it’s time to evolve your content to make it more visual and captivating. From infographics, to video to social media, thunder::tech’s Creative Director Craig Israel shares how brands can increase engagement and enhance comprehension with killer visual content. 

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • How marketers should embrace visual content to connect with customers.
    • Why video is the future of internet traffic.
    • The types of brands that should consider using memes.

    Episode Quotables

    “You want to help people visualize content because it increases engagement, it helps people understand the content easier and makes the content a little more actionable.”
    “Infographics have been around for a long time but it’s an easy way to take a bunch of information or statistics and put them together in a visual way to help people better understand them.”
    “Emails, banner ads, pay-per-click ads all fall into this area of using a digital channel to communicate with your customers.” The king of content in that realm is video, which has really skyrocketed in the past few years.”
    “Social media is an unavoidable element of marketing right now. Brands are coming to us and asking what social media platforms they should be on and what they should be doing on them, but it really depends on the client and their goals.”
    “Everybody has seen memes and they’re obviously hugely popular and you can’t escape them. We’re certainly not saying this is a smart channel for a lot of marketers, but for some brands that might be a little more lifestyle focused or lighthearted, like an Old Spice, memes could be a powerful way to connect with your customer.” 

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