Episode 94 - Trends Volume 10: The Era OF GDPR

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  • 1/31/2019
    One of the six-part series of podcasts connected to our 2019 Trends publication. Gone are the days when we, as marketers, could beg, borrow and snag data unbeknownst to our customers. What do we mean? GDPR is just that. thunder::cast host Craig Israel sits down with Casey Braun, Marketing Automation Specialist, to discuss why the rise of security awareness and a heightened sense of vulnerability will determine what the next GDPR law will be.

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • What GDPR is and how it is affecting companies inside and out of the European Union. 
    • How businesses can take the precautionary actions needed to become compliant 
    • How marketers can find the balance of gathering the information needed. 

    Episode Quotables

    “There was a big panic, especially on the enterprise level with a lot of companies because GDPR is totally shifting the paradigm of consumer ownership of their date and autonomy over their privacy.”

    “A lot of companies were just gathering data, getting as much data as they possibly could and the operationalizing it all the ways they could think of.  What GDPR has kind of ushered in this era of implied consent is no longer enough.”

    “There are pieces in all these different laws and that's why we encourage people to be very diligent in the type of research there doing around these things because there are certain provisions and protections for businesses there. They are allowed to maintain, at least from a GDPR perspective enough of a record of that consumer to remember that “oh they don’t want to be tracked.”

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