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  • 7/9/2019
    Most companies are aware that video can be a powerful tool in terms of marketing efforts. However coming up with video strategy is a whole different ball game. In the age of “I want it now,” mentalities and short-attention spans, now more than ever it is crucial to have a strong framework for your business’ video strategy so that you can reach your audience both more effectively and efficiently.
    If you don’t have your video strategy perfected just yet, don’t stress. We have the tools and resources you need to get it up and running. 

    What You’ll Learn:

    • How to build and maintain a strong video strategy
    • How to re-use the video content you already have on variety of platforms in a strategic way
    • Which type of videos reach audiences in the right way at the right time
    • The next big trends in video 

    Article Quotables:

    “If you don’t get it right the first time, don’t be afraid to fail fast and revise as needed.”
    - Matt Stevens, Managing Producer at thunder::tech’s thirtysix::thirtyfive studios
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