How To: Use PR to Build Your Brand

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  • 7/30/2019
    Your brand is your reputation, your image. It is the expectations and the overall impression that comes to mind when someone hears its name. It can evoke feelings of trust or distrust, respect or disrespect, interest or disinterest. We could go on, but it’s pretty clear why your business needs to have a well-defined and strong brand presence. The tricky part is knowing where to start. How do you begin building a brand? The answer is simple: public relations.    

    Here are five ways you can use PR to build your brand.
    1. Telling your story.
    Marketers are storytellers at heart and PR professionals are no different. They know what it means to tell a story (and tell it well) because it’s part of their job every single day. From curating unique content for an internal blog post to pitching your next big event to the media, getting the word out about your company is their number one job. They understand every part of your business and what makes it stand out. They give your brand personality through their words, both written and spoken, and they use that knowledge to give outside sources an inside look into your company. Without a story, you have no brand. It may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how many times this major step is overlooked.
    2. Building and maintaining relationships.
    From media contacts to influencers to clients and everyone in between, PR is all about maintaining relationships with everyone, even those who your brand has yet to come in contact with. Learn how to communicate and network with these individuals in a way that benefits everyone. From inviting them to a company event to giving them interviews with key members of your company, there are plenty of ways to achieve this. Just remember, follow-ups are key to keeping relationships strong. A thank you note, for example, may seem small but in this industry a little really does go a long way and can make you, and your company, memorable. If people outside your company’s immediate network get behind you, chances are your credibility and status will elevate as a result and garner even more coverage and support for your brand. 
    3. Knowing your audience. 
    Knowing your audience is key to building your brand. Without knowing them inside out, you won’t know what methods are best to reach them and therefore may not fully reach them. An audience must have its needs met and if your brand isn’t doing that for them, there’s a chance they won’t be your audience much longer. PR will help you establish those audience problems and then come up with messaging and strategy for how best to reach them. Start by surveying your audience through social media polls or in-person interviews. There are a variety of ways to get the answers you want/need, so don’t settle for guessing. Hint: Create personas for each type of audience, you’ll thank us later.
    4. Getting in front of the right audience.
    If you’re still trying to reach your audience or find it difficult for your messages to reach the right audience, PR can help. PR can get you in front of the right audience by planning events, public speaking opportunities and media coverage among others. Not only this, but it can help you curate amazing content that portrays your message and brand in a positive and advantageous way. Be sure you don’t overlook the importance of this. After all, coverage helps increase awareness and increasing awareness means growth for your brand.
    5. Strategizing.
    Because PR helps you find your audience, get in front of that audience, build those relationships and through it all tells your brand’s story, PR has the know-how to create a great brand strategy. It knows what messages to send, in what ways, to which people, via what methods. Without a great brand strategy, your business will likely plateau.. Make sure you use PR to put all of these moving pieces together and create a strategy with longevity and tact. 
    So, are you convinced?
    Want to know more about public relations and how it can help your brand? Contact us today and get started. 
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