Episode 126 - Marketing Trends Vol. 12: Creative Content Studios and The Future

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  • 7/14/2020
    This is part two of the two-part series of podcasts connected to our 2020 Marketing Trends Volume 12 publication. In this episode, we dive deep into the creative articles in this year's marketing trends magazine, featuring two topics sure to grab your attention. We focus on how to break the rules of design without making any brand-fatal mistakes, then we segue into creative content studios. Why does your design team need one and how can your brand benefit from it? To sink our teeth into these topics we brought in Jeff Falkowski from Parker Hannifin and our very own Art Director, Joe Cola. 
    Download your free copy of Marketing Trends vol. 12 here.

    What You’ll Learn in This Episode

    • Parker Filtration Group’s journey with their own B2B packaging evolution.
    • thunder::tech’s role and thought process in Parker’s package redesign.
    • How to rally internal support when breaking and bending traditional graphic design rules.
    • How to establish design boundaries and systems when you’re unsure of final executions.
    • How content studios enable brands to create content quickly and with little notice.

    Episode Quotables 

    “We’re really starting to blur the lines between what’s B2C and what’s B2B. A consumer is a consumer no matter what, so if [our packaging] works in the B2C space, there’s no reason we can’t take those same liberties in the B2B space.”
    “[A content studio] is not just about creating assets with speed. It’s also about consistency.”
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