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  • 6/25/2019
    Data security, it’s something we’re all concerned about. In an age where everything is online, we want to know that our personal information is safe, while also having our needs catered to by strategic targeting to give us the content we desire and overall good user experience. So how do we find the happy medium with our own consumers? How do we abide by privacy regulations while also satisfying our consumers so that they keep coming back? Read on to find out.

    What You’ll Learn:

    • Knowing how long-standing privacy and data regulations relate to the way you do business
    • How to come up with effective marketing and sales tactics to abide by these regulations while also keeping your consumers happy

    Article Quotables:

    “The more information we gather as a company, the higher the level of risk we assume knowing that the information can be compromised or used improperly.” 
    - Charlie Laurie, Chief Innovation Officer at Palmer Holland
    “Even though there’s all this data being created and new tools to help us facilitate all that, probably the most important thing behind all that evolution is having the right policies in place.” 
    - Jim Ganotis, Information Technology Manager at Destination Cleveland

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