Social Media Marketing Power Play: Combining Online and Offline Tactics

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  • 5/31/2016

    Picture this. You’re browsing the store and you find the perfect [insert product here]. (In this example, let’s imagine it’s the perfect pair of socks!) You get home and put them on and... they’re the most cushiony, sweat-capturing, stylish pair of socks you’ve ever owned. Now let’s say you’re so impressed by these socks you want to tell the whole world! Does this brand have a presence on social media? Do they actively respond to customers? Are there other sock-enthusiasts out there using a specific hashtag to share the love?

    As the sock company, wouldn’t you want this now loyal customer to also become a fan on Facebook and follow the brand’s Instagram account? YES. Yes, you would!

    But how? The secret is simple. Integrate your social media tactics with your offline marketing and branding strategies.

    Offline social media marketing tactics can come in the form of product packaging, in-store displays or branded swag (think pens, stress balls, water bottles, etc.). If you own a restaurant or coffee shop, consider placemats, table tents, window/door clings and stickers for coffee cups or to-go bags, all leading users to your social media channels.

    Are you a retail store? Think about adding social media marketing messages to floor decals, counter mats at the register or even on your receipts.

    What about businesses that only operate online, without a storefront? Can offline marketing tactics work for them? They sure can! Spruce up your packaging and shipping inserts with social media marketing messages. A world of opportunity is wide open, so get creative!


    Before you jump into integrating your online social media tactics with the offline world, these 5 steps must be completed:

    1. Always lock down your social media presence, first!

    If you haven’t posted on Facebook for a few months and your Twitter bio is still blank, create or revisit your social media strategy BEFORE instituting an offline marketing tactic. You want your social media channels to be shiny and tidy if you’re actively driving traffic there and promising new fans valuable content.

    2. Ensure the bandwidth for mentions and customer service

    Before implementing any offline marketing tactics to drive customers to your social media channels, also consider the size of your marketing team and the bandwidth available. If five, 25 or 500 mentions of the brand start coming in each day, can your staff respond in a timely manner?

    3. Decide what’s important and make that the call-to-action

    Figure out what message you want to convey to your offline customers and what action you want them to take online. Make this crystal clear and easy to follow on your marketing materials.

    4. Discover if incentives are available to offer customers in exchange for social media mentions

    Let’s face it. In order for people to do anything that takes more than three seconds of their time, they need a good reason to do it. An incentive. Consider offering a discount on the next pair of socks to customers who tweet a photo of their socks.

    5. Prepare your brand to interact

    Is the brand voice clearly outlined? Do you have creative materials available? When you respond and interact with customers will you use GIFs, emoji or branded imagery? Nail down these specifics ahead of time to ensure consistency, then actively and continuously train teams to follow these standards. Then, once your new, loyal customers start interacting with your brand on social media, you’ll be ready to roll!

    The moral of the story: remembering that marketing integration is key to successful social media marketing. These tactics can work in a variety of industries and can be especially effective for brands who don’t have a social media advertising budget to work with.

    Questions? Need help identifying marketing opportunities? Drop us a line to start the conversation!

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