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  • 11/8/2016
    The thunder::tech team is excited to bring you our annual TRENDS! This is a continuation of our annual TRENDS book, which is now in its eighth year.
    Our TRENDS publication keeps evolving because the future keeps changing. Eight years ago, we presented our annual Trends in conference-style, speaking to a room of 75 people. Today, this book is now distributed to thousands of marketers, and we are doing things inside the agency that we couldn’t have dreamed about back then.
    At the thunder::tech headquarters, we’re using 3D printers, virtual reality goggles, have an FAA certified unmanned aerial pilot, test apps on smartwatches and manage millions of dollars of advertising across multiple mediums with mere clicks of a mouse. All of this is happening with an eye towards constantly evolving consumer demands and changing technology.
    Further, we have taken a hard line on writing for the immediate future so the education we supply is as useful as possible to as many brands as possible. As sexy as artificial intelligence and machine learning sounds, the bulk of our middle market clients just need to know why it matters for them. That's why a topic like voice driven search will matter to most of you and that's why we cover it in this year's 28-page TRENDS book.
    We also cover the benefits of mining your existing data to supply business intelligence, as well as studying the entire customer experience of your buyers. Trends about how to get more out of multimedia and general content are also reported on in addition to the interesting updates in the world of advertising and the B2B e-commerce tidal wave that’s rising.
    The thunder::tech team will keep an eye on the future for you, so rest easy knowing that we’ll translate what matters right now so that you’ll never fall behind.
    In the meantime, if you want to stay up-to-date on more marketing trends on a regular basis, subscribe to one of our five email newsletters.
    Enjoy this year's copy of TRENDS and happy marketing!
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