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  • 11/26/2018

    As the title implies storytelling was the focus of this year’s Kentico Connections conference. The goal of this event is to bring the community together to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas. Through these stories Petr Palas, the CEO of Kentico, and his team were able to share their vision for the future of web and Kentico alike. The MVC-first initiative and Battling content friction with Kentico Cloud were among my favorite.

    MVC-first Initiative

    MVC support in Kentico has been around for years but with K12 Raptor it’s getting a major upgrade. Their goal was to replicate and refine many of the core components available in the Web Forms version such as the visual page builder, form builder, form components, and personalized content to name a few. Lack of these components in previous versions was a major hurdle that meant we’d be sticking with Web Forms, but not anymore!

    Secondary to the upgrades Kentico is aligning their platform with current trends in the industry and where new talent is heading. They’ve recognized that acquiring and retaining talent go hand in hand with using the latest and greatest technologies such as MVC and .NET Core that are being taught and embraced by colleges and coding bootcamps.

    Battling content friction with Kentico Cloud

    Content friction is not a new concept but it’s a hot topic this year for Kentico. Their cloud based headless CMS offering, Kentico Cloud, sets out to ease the friction with these new features; content workflow, revision comparison and editor comments and discussions. These features work together to form a one-stop shop for all your content planning, editing and delivery needs - in the cloud! And if that wasn’t enough, the real kicker is the safe and familiar editing experience similar to that of Google Docs, which we’ve come to love.

    If you’re new to content friction and want to learn why it’s a big deal here’s a good post directly from Kentico but if you’re interested in learning more about how Kentico Cloud can elevate your brand drop us a note or tweet us!
    About the author::Jerome Sen is the Director of Development at thunder::tech. He's responsible for the strategic vision and oversight of User Experience Design, Front-end Development, Application Development, and Digital Support teams. Currently the undefeated cornhole champion for 4+ years.
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