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  • 10/16/2013
    When it comes to connecting with people on the Internet—to educate, motivate or just entertain—nothing beats video. Certain studies have suggested that communicating marketing messages via online video is more than five times more effective than static text and photos alone. For this reason, it’s no surprise that the Internet has experienced an explosion of video in the past couple of years.

    At thunder::tech, we have been an active participant in this video revolution, and we’ve noticed something interesting. As video equipment and editing software become less expensive and more ubiquitous, the general quality of video has risen. More importantly, the expectations of the viewers have risen, too—especially for companies that are perceived as having the resources to achieve high production values, professional editing, real actors and so on.

    The most popular video on YouTube (with more than 1 BILLION views) is “Gangnam Style.” Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the video is professionally produced and features interesting camera angles and transitions, beautiful sets, special effects and choreographed performances (and, admit it, a catchy tune). This was clearly a very expensive video to make.

    However, (and this is the interesting part) we’ve seen equal engagement from the other side of the video production values spectrum. One of the fastest growing Vine contributors right now is “BatDad” a suburban dad who puts on a plastic Batman mask, adopts a Batman Begins-esque growly voice, and yells at his kids.

    Since posting his first BatDad Vine about two months ago, he’s been written up in hundreds of online new sites and blogs, appeared on the Today show and, oh yeah, racked up 800,000 followers.

    The common thread between the two, of course, is engaging content. Gangnam Style is a lavish viewing experience and BatDad is just funny. Both have connected with people and gone viral as they are shared again and again across the Internet.

    So, what’s this mean?
    Content is king. Still. It doesn’t matter if it’s an artistic magnum opus or a seven-second blip on the radar: online video has to have that thing that connects with people. The thing may be an interesting idea, a funny concept, a catchy tune or whatever, but it has to catch and hold peoples’ attention.

    Does that mean production values don’t matter anymore? Weeeell… I wouldn’t go that far. Shaky-cam may work for a guy wearing a silly mask just trying to entertain his kids, but it’s probably not going to work for a business. You want to exhibit a certain level of professional quality in your communications, especially video, from initial idea to execution. Whenever you’re ready to start crafting your online video strategy, thunder::tech is ready to help!

    About the author::
    Craig Israel is the Creative Director at thunder::tech. When he isn’t helping strategize, envision, and execute amazing marketing and advertising solutions, he’s probably being pelted by pillows from his wife and two daughters.
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