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  • 10/14/2020
    thunder::tech has been a Gold Partner of Kentico’s for 8+ years now, and in that time we have produced 86 websites and applications. We’ve earned Kentico’s Site of the Year award and received their Site of the Month award over 20 times!
    This year, Kentico announced an internal rebrand and rollout of their new digital experience platform, Kentico Xperience. Xperience is described as combining “content management, digital marketing, and commerce into one seamless digital experience platform.”
    A digital experience platform (DXP) is a new and innovative solution to website management. One DXP can integrate many different technologies, each of which contributes to the overall customer experience. These platforms provide the tools for you to better listen to, interact with and delight your customers.
    thunder::tech is pleased to have continued a partnership with Kentico through 2020 and make great use of their new DXP. Below are some of the recent examples of brands where we used Kentico Xperience to enhance our clients’ digital presence.

    Palmer Holland

    Established in 1925, Palmer Holland is a national distributor of specialty chemicals and raw materials across the United States. They provide chemical solutions specific to your business needs, backed by the expertise of their nationwide team of account managers and ingredients consultants.
    Kentico’s open API and flexible page type structures allowed the integration with legacy ERP web services and data to pull in thousands of products and SDS, TDS files.
    The page templates, web parts, forms and widgets also afforded the marketing team new features and stability they need to create new landing pages, market detail pages and product detail pages with speed and without developer dependence.

    Carlisle Brake and Friction

    Carlisle Brake & Friction provides high performance brake, clutch and transmission applications for a number of different markets. Their team of engineers combined with advanced R&D and testing and global manufacturing capabilities make them a force to be reckoned with in the global braking, transmission and hydraulic actuation product industry.
    Kentico has provided the engine and page type capabilities to create, manage and publish content, product and distributor information. The CMS is secure, intuitive and quick. It afforded thunder::tech’s UX designers and developers the utmost flexibility to plan and create business-driven content models, manage content relationships and quickly adjust to new strategies and visual  design directions.

    USA Track and Field


    USA Track & Field (USATF) is the national governing body for competitive runners, walkers and athletes nationwide. It is the top-most organization overseeing everything under the track and field umbrella from Olympic events to high school and junior high school meets. It works to serve over 30 million runners by providing track and field meet rules, coaching education, sports science and athletic development opportunities.
    For their CMS, we used Kentico EMS, which provided critical features required for such a robust and expansive designed solution. The USATF solution required strong, enterprise governance, intuitive control and flexibility to manage both creative and content together while maintaining strict permissions and security at scale.
    In addition to the USATF core site, there are upwards of 50 association sites that needed to inherit permissions, role-based access and template assets. Kentico’s multi-site capabilities offered the framework from which the central USATF administrators could create, manage and support all of the many association sites and their actively engaged stakeholders.
    Kentico EMS also provided banner ad management and reporting, activity tracking, custom workflows and form submission capture and reporting. The updated and improved security in Kentico version 11 was a huge leap forward for the national governing body’s IT team. 
    Improve your digital experience with the technology and tools you need to connect with your customers. Click here to send a message to one of our website development experts and set up a free consultation for your site!
    About the author::Bruce Williams is the Vice President Development Department at thunder::tech. He charts paths with clients to get the most out of digital technology and design. He prefers Marvel over DC and will always be CLE.
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