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  • 1/16/2017
    You might have seen us talking about a conference in Las Vegas over the last few months. Our Senior Director of Development, Bruce Williams, had the pleasure of attending the 404 Digital Conference hosted by Kentico in November 2016. Not only was it a great way to visit “Sin City,” but it gave our t::team an incredible opportunity to reflect on the setbacks our company has endured in order to develop the team, processes and company we have today.

    No, we won’t sell you some big line about how we’re this perfect entity that makes no mistakes and hides from failure. On the contrary, we’ll probably tell you about a big slip up and how we learned a great deal more from it than any of our success stories. We’re a little different like that. Likewise, the 404 Conference welcomed the theme of bettering oneself after failures and as Bruce tells us, the atmosphere of the event and sessions fostered that in a refreshing way.

    While giving his presentation titled, “Drawing a Line on Quality and Paying For It,” Bruce illustrated how committed our team is to understanding our clients’ objectives, goals and overall growth. Further, at thunder::tech, we look toward the paramount goals of a client’s bottom-line, but also consider the personal goals of the individuals within the company.

    Success is messy sometimes, but we strive to look at that mess and make course-corrections so that our clients and our employees grow at the same time. We know what works and we know what processes are necessary to achieve the mutual success. Whenever our team makes recommendations, we draw a lot from our failures and our successes to build the most appropriate path for our clients to take.

    One way of doing just that is extended through our Kentico and Sitecore certifications. Kentico has recently accomplished placement in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management Systems. Having Gartner and others recognize a platform that we have seen immense success with validates the effort our Kentico certified developers, project managers and support teams have put forth to learn and deploy it. Our designers and developers have contributed to the Kentico marketplace greatly in the past year as well.

    In addition, our t::team has had great success with Sitecore as well. Sitecore has been placed by Gartner in that same Magic Quadrant report for many years in a row now. We, as an agency, have implemented, supported and extended many Sitecore deployments for our clients in the past. We recently committed to an even deeper competency and partnership with Sitecore by having developers certified in this past year. Our actions will enable us to provide more reliable, educational and impactful results for our clients.

    Our certified developers who have loads of framework knowledge coupled with our marketing, automation and creative specialists, raises the level of work and innovations for us and our clients. We may not be beholden to specific technologies, but like any craftsmen, we know the best tools for jobs presented to us. We work strategically to obtain these types of certifications so that we can experience the tools with a hands-on approach. While nothing is foolproof, we work meticulously to learn the trade and turn ordinary projects into extraordinary products.

    We’ve learned quite a lot over the many years we’ve worked in the industry and opportunities like the 404 Conference help us reflect on how we got to where we are. If you ever want to engage with our strategist, developers, designers and creators understand that we will listen and always provide informed recommendations that shape a path toward success. Ultimately, we’ve been through quite a few rodeos, and we’re very eager to tell you how those experiences can translate to victory for you and your brand.

    Ready to explore your pathway to success? Give us a call or send an email to Bruce.Williams@thundertech.com.
    About the author::
    Bruce Williams, is Senior Director Development Department at thunder::tech. He charts paths with clients to get the most out of digital technology and design. He prefers Marvel over DC and will always love CLE.
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