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  • How to Optimize a Landing Page

    Your landing page is the backbone of your conversion path. It’s the support beams that hold up your palace of customer acquisition. In fact, if your landing page were a beverage, it would be water because it’s necessary, integral and you can dress it up with fun flavors to make people like it more.
    From start to finish, here’s how to improve page results and ensure you end up with a well-optimized, sparkling lemon-lime landing page.

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  • Managing Behavioral Contagions from the Coronavirus

    This coronavirus may seem insurmountable, but it is a shock to business at the moment primarily because of the speed at which it has occurred. We will figure out how to manage over time. 
    As a result of the rapid spread of the virus and the news and information that has followed it, we are now experiencing rather fast behavioral contagions that are affecting consumers and can lead to either fixed behavioral shifts or be fleeting in nature. 

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  • 25 Ideas for Marketing Your Business During the Coronavirus

    In this current period of growing uncertainty, many marketers may be entering a quiet or a slower business period. It’s unclear whether the coronavirus (COVID-19) is a bump in the economic road or the beginning of a recession. 
    We've provided a list of recommendations and ideas on what marketers can start doing right now in order to achieve these goals in a period of economic downturn.

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  • Tips for Successful Content Management: Part 2, Image Aspect Ratios

    This is part two of five, a content management series featuring tips for the marketing coordinator or manager flying solo without a front end development team. 
    You’ll learn how to better manage your content’s technical side and deliver a polished end product to your audience. Today we're talking all things aspect ratios.

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