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  • Social Media and the Dreaded Monthly Report

    It’s the end of the month, and your boss comes to you and asks you for the dreaded “R” word… a report. He or she wants a report on last month’s social media numbers and wants to know what could be changed for next month. You, the social media guru, start to panic even though you know what metrics you look at consistently. No need to panic. We can help you create a simple, effective and badass social media report.

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  • What It's Like Interning at thunder::tech

    As the days leading up to my college graduation rapidly approached, I found myself feeling slightly panicked (and a little lightheaded) at the thought of having to become an “actual adult” and begin a “real career” so soon. With public relations being such a vast field, applicable to many industries, I knew I had a background that would allow me a lot of freedom when choosing a career path. And while freedom can be, well, freeing, it can also be quite terrifying, as there is no direct path to take.

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  • Episode 84 - Trends Summer Reader 2018: Four-step Brand Management Plan

    One of the five-part series of podcasts connected to our 2018 Trends Summer Reader publication. Brock Richards, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Pro Football Hall of Fame, makes an appearance on the pod to provide insight into how the Hall continues to grow and evolve the brand to meet consumer demands. 

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  • Are You Ready for TLS? Here’s How to Tell

    The deadline has passed and TLS is now required. You may be wondering, "What is TLS and how does it affect me and my website?" At thunder::tech, our support team has had the opportunity to maintain a number of different e-commerce websites requiring TLS 1.2 and has answers to some common questions we’ve gotten regarding TLS 1.2.

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