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  • Consumer Behavior Trends: E-Commerce and COVID-19

    Consumers are buying online now more than ever before. The shifting behaviors and trends we’re seeing are moving rapidly and should remain on the forefront of your mind. The unexpected requirement to innovate and sense of urgency to do so is leading to several new concepts and experiences in e-Commerce.

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  • 19 Ways Leaders Can Stay Connected and Engaged During COVID-19

    We're weeks into the pandemic now and used to working from home. But even though we're wired to each other and remotely connected; we're distant. Each week feels like a month and everyone needs a haircut.

    To help you stay connected and engaged with your teams and clients, here's a list of thought-starter ideas to bring everyone together.

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  • Building your Employer Brand During a Crisis

    An employer brand is the reputation and value proposition that a company has as a place to work. In a national crisis, it may seem low-priority, but working to maintain or grow your employer brand is key to coming out stronger than ever on the other side.

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  • Preparing for Consumer Behavior Shifts & Trends After COVID-19

    As initial COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, marketers should be prepared for a blended new normal—one that mixes in new habits picked up during the lockdown. Marketers need to be prepared for changes in consumer behavior and new trends. Is your brand prepared for the next stage of our recovery?

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