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  • Ten Years of the Futurist's Field Guide

    Every marketer we talk to has a little bit of a futurist in them. After ten years of publishing thunder::tech's marketing trends books, we have found that a mix of curiosity about the future and realism about the present exists in you. We have found out how brave you all are to keep pushing your organizations to continually evolve and stay relevant over a period of time that has been unforgiving to brands that resist change.

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  • Episode 89 – Digital Display Advertising and Programmatic Buying

    Digital display ads and programmatic buying are a part of a business’s PPC campaigns and becoming more and more common to companies and customers. On this episode, thunder::tech’s Account Services Group Manager JP. Krainz and Integrated Marketing Coordinator Dan Lyons address what digital display ads are, what programmatic buying is and how middle market companies can use it to reach those niche customers

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  • Episode 88 - thunder::tech Celebrates 1,000 Blog Posts

    Break out the party hats and noise makers, because we have a lot to celebrate! On this episode of thunder::cast, we’re marking a big milestone in thunder::tech’s history – 1,000 blog posts! To mark this monumental content achievement, Craig is joined in the studio by Kelly McGuire, Market Development Manager, and Madison Letizia, Communications Department Manager, to discuss our blog writing process and approach, lessons learned and so much more! 

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  • Episode 87 - Should your Brand Invest in Consumer Research?

    On this episode of thunder::cast, we’re discussing research, the voice-of-the-customer, consumer insights and how this information can help brands better understand their audiences. Listen in and thunder::cast host, Craig Israel, and Jeff Hyde, Managing Director of Ideas in Focus, discuss how middle market companies can get started with consumer research. 

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