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Recent Posts for: communications
  • Episode 103 - Trends Summer Reader 2019: Consumer Buyer Behaviors

    One of the five-part series of podcasts connected to our 2019 Trends Summer Reader publication. On this episode, joining host, Craig Israel in the studio is Joe Hicks, Account Services Group Manager, to break down how marketing has grown exponentially from just age, gender, location to behaviors and interest. Learn why you should know what individuals like rather than large groups.

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  • Macro vs. Micro Influencers: What’s Best for Your Business?

    New Year, new brand strategies – that’s how the saying goes, right? By now I’m sure we’re all familiar with the buzzword influencer marketing. Now more than ever audiences are placing their trust into the hands of social media savvy individuals who they see as authentic resources. From local mommy bloggers to food connoisseurs to full-on celebrity-esque lifestyle influencers, these individuals have built a personal brand for themselves and, in turn, have become a source of reliability for their followers. 

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  • A 6 Step Guide to Choosing a CRM System

    When it comes to choosing a new customer relationship management (CRM) system, the vast amount of options to choose from can be daunting. If you feel yourself feeling overwhelmed, don’t fret. We have six general steps that will help you navigate the CRM selection process.

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  • Navigating the Changing Tides of Marketing with the Trends Summer Reader

    During thunder::tech’s 20-year voyage we have sought to provide you the best marketing education to help your brands innovate and win. We have followed this practice for our 2019 Trends Summer Reader magazine which is celebrating its fifth edition.

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