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  • The Wealth Effect's Effect on Destination Marketing

    The economic good news is hard to miss lately—the stock market records, rising housing valuations, full employment, crypto-currency going mainstream (maybe not that one), easy credit and continued low inflation. These items are having real financial and psychological effects on U.S. consumers' spending habits and one specific category stands to benefit right away from it.

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  • New Clients Welcome to thunder::tech

    The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity at thunder::tech, welcoming new clients as well as growing and expanding long-standing relationships with existing clients. Services for them have ranged from PPC campaigns, content review and creation, website design and development, social media, advertising and branding.
    We thought we’d take a minute to recognize just some of these clients. Welcome the new ones and thank them for their trust, and tip our hats to the ones we’ve worked with for a while and say thank you for continuing to allow us to be part of the success of their brands.

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  • Content Marketing, It's Not About You

    Be Compelling. Be Useful. Be Informative.

    These words of wisdom apply to effective content marketing. They also apply to the work of great journalists. It’s no surprise, then, that as organizations look to ramp up their content creation efforts, they are turning to newsrooms to pluck away talented writers to join their staffs.

    While some marketers would debate whether it is truly a form of content marketing by its traditional definition, brand journalism—the practice of telling the story of a brand and its industry over time using the techniques and tactics of traditional mainstream journalism—can serve as a highly effective cornerstone for your marketing efforts.

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  • 2015: It Was Super

    Thanks in advance to the very targeted audiences that will read my annual agency end-of-year letter:

    • My mom (thanks, Mom!)
    • Most of the new job applicants that do their homework
    • Innocent bystanders that stumble across this

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