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April 2014
Pinterest's new "Guided Search" and what it means to marketers
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What did we do before we could visit a website and search for exactly what we needed to find? We here on the thunder::tech Social Media team know personally, if we use a site's search box and find the results to be sub-par, we usually mutter to ourselves, shake our fists in the air and try a different set of search terms until we find something suitable or give up. We know you do this too.

Pinterest also knows this, as most sites do, and has introduced Guided Search to help give users the most valuable content for their search as possible. How? Based on great Pin descriptions by brands, not playing into an algorithm set!

Read more about the new search features and how you can spruce up your marketing pins!

Reminder:: Twitter's new look is here!
If you haven't activated your new Twitter profile design (for your brand AND personal accounts), you need to know a few things about how the design elements are changing.

The Quick Info:
  • Profile Picture - 400 x 400 pixels and scales down
  • Header Photo - 1500 x 500 pixels
  • Background Design - Only visible to you now 
Read more about the new features here!
Social Media in the News

What We've Been Up To
The thunder::tech Social Media Team has been up to their ears with dazzle and glitter helping PlayhouseSquare prepare for its epic Dazzle the District celebration this Friday, May 2. Cleveland’s theater district is unveiling its new look to the public during a special event when its new digital signs and, of course, large, crystal-covered GE Chandelier will finally be lit for all to see. See some of our social media awareness campaign here, and if you’re in the area, please feel free to stop by the celebration!


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