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August 2014
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Got a big presentation coming up? Before you click open PowerPoint and start filling in bullet points, we need to talk. Watch our video below to see the potential your next annual meeting or keynote really has.

And speaking of presenting, we have something brewing that we're excited to unveil soon. Stay tuned for more (you're following us on Twitter, right?).
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Good Morning Marketers :: A Marketer's Guide to Presentations 

Do you think the first step to giving a presentation is opening PowerPoint? It doesn’t have to be. In this episode of Good Morning Marketers, we discuss how to turn your presentations – whether they’re for an annual meeting, keynote speech or live-streamed event – into engaging, polished and impressive-looking events.
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Aug 2014 Recent Work - Team Wendy
Team Wendy
EXFIL Ballistic Product Launch

Lube Stop Image
Lube Stop
Father's Day Campaign

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Ultra HD/4K Video Update

You may have heard the terms Ultra HD or 4K, but do you really know what they mean? Ultra High Definition, or Ultra HD, is the next digital format to eventually take over HD. When it comes down to it, the main difference is really just an increase in number of pixels.

Evolving for the future of optimization

In 2013, thunder::tech made the decision to move our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Team out of our Development Department and into our Communications Department. We were a bit ahead of the times, but it has paid dividends that we haven't published until now.
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