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February 2014
SEO in 2014: Optimization isn't just about search engines anymore
The world of search engine optimization has changed a lot in the past year. What used to be a bitter battle to be the site at the top of the results page pile is now a more civilized evaluation and strategy based on adding value. The ability to "game the system" is growing smaller by the day and modern SEOs are now focused on what really matters.

What does modern SEO entail? Find out in our latest chatter post!
Guest blogging for SEO is dead!
All too often, we hear about things in the SEO world being dead. The simple fact is that things die out quickly when they're done incorrectly or for the sole purpose of gaining traffic and not adding value. Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google, lets us know that guest blogging, when done for the wrong reasons, will not help you in rankings. Since Matt is in charge of Google’s algorithm, you may want to listen.

Read more about this straight from Matt Cutts' blog.
What can SEOs do that no other marketer can?
Why is your SEO team so valuable? What do they bring to the table? I mean Google alters things so frequently to work them out of the equation that SEO is going to die out soon, right? Well the answer to that is yes, but only if you fail to push proper evolution. An Optimization team can be one of the strongest and most valuable parts of your marketing team.

Find out why from Rand Fishkin, co-founder or MOZ.

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