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February 2014
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In the spirit of Valentine's Day this week, we want to share some things we love with you. So what's close to our hearts right now? Remarketing advertising, attention-grabbing commercials and how businesses can leverage social media outside of the marketing department.

Watch our video below to learn about remarketing, read our recent blog posts and browse our latest work.
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GMM Quick Question:: What is Remarketing?

Discover everything you might want to know about remarketing, the vehicle that allows advertisers to stay in front of their online audiences, even when they've left their websites. Watch our Good Morning Marketers Quick Question and download our Remarketing 101 tip sheet to see how your company could benefit from this type of advertising.
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How HR Can Use Social Media to Drive Employee Engagement

Our president recently had the pleasure of speaking to about 90 human resource executives at the HR Leadership Group of Northeast Ohio on the topic of using social media to drive employee engagement. Review his talking points and see how social media is a serious avenue for HR to use not just for recruitment, but also for retention.

The Best of Super Bowl XLVIII Ads

If you've watched more than a couple Super Bowls, you know that most commercials fall into some very expected categories. We present the six genres that we've seen again and again, and which spots stood out in each.
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