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January 2014
Sneak Peek into the Olympics' Social Media Strategy
Sochi 2014

The 2012 Summer Olympics was officially dubbed “the first social games,” but this year, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics have intensified its social media efforts beyond Facebook and Twitter. Yes, you can follow the Olympics on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, but those aren’t the only channels that are booming with conversation.

Read more to discover what new social media channel is dominating Olympics buzz.

Facebook Gets Trendy with its Own Trending Topics

Sochi 2014

Facebook has introduced a Twitter-like feature, Trending, to encourage users to share their input on topics surrounding their interests and the world around them. What’s unique about this addition to the homepage is that each trending topic includes a brief description of exactly why it’s gone viral.

Continue reading to find out what this could mean for the future of Facebook.

Social Media in the News

What We've Been Up To

Trends 2014

Have you ever wanted to see into the future? Now you can! We've compiled the top marketing trends for 2014 and beyond all in one place, including in-stream purchasing, real-time marketing and some social media tools you may not have heard of yet.

Check it out and tweet facts directly from the articles.

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