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July 2014
Social WINS from the 2014 World Cup

In offices, bars, streets, homes and even a giant outdoor living room, billions of fans gathered around TVs to cheer on their team in the 2014 World Cup. Glued to their smartphones and tablets, they shared their reactions and interacted on social media - ultimately making the 2014 World Cup the largest social event in web history.

World Cup Selfie

Over 3 billion Facebook interactions and 672 million tweets were posted about the 2014 #WorldCup, and this doesn't even begin to account for the overwhelming number of Instagram, Vine and Snapchat uploads. From clever memes and cat-related video reactions to humorous hashtags gone viral, brands, fans and players took part in social media conversations in their attempt to win over followers.

Who won the social media battle of the wits? Read on for the 2014 World Cup best-of-the-best social media WINS.

New Twitter Activity Dashboard Shows You More Tweet Interactions
In the old days of Twitter, you could only measure your tweet’s impact by number of retweets and favorites it received, which didn’t really tell you much. We’re happy to say this is no longer the case! Say hello to the new Twitter activity dashboard . With it, you can gain further insight into how your tweets are performing and see what works best for your content strategy.

engagements 2

The new update now lets you track impressions by how many times a tweet is viewed either on Twitter’s mobile app or on You can also see an hour-by-hour breakdown of your tweet activity within the first day of posting as well as the number of profile views or followers you’ve gained because of that tweet. Currently, the new activity dashboard is only available to verified users, Twitter Card publishers and advertisers.
Social Media in the News

App/Tool of the Month
Repost image C’mon, your friend's video of a dancing cat on Instagram is just too great not to share.

Ever wanted to post someone else’s Instagram photo? Now you can! Don’t waste your time with screenshots and resizing, try a photo sharing app like PhotoRepost (formerly Insta Repost). Download the app and click the small "repost" button under a friend’s picture or video to share -- it’s like the retweet of Instagram!

The best feature of this app? You can give credit to the original source of the photo or video, meaning more reach for everyone!
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