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July 2014
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If you're still thinking of your customers in terms of demographics and shopping behaviors, we have a better approach! We can turn those cold facts and figures into real people by developing personas around your customers. We explain this process in our very first Whiteboard Edition of Good Morning Marketers!

Ever wonder where the four squares (double colons) in our name came from? Find out straight from our president in our recent blog post below.

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Good Morning Marketers (Whiteboard Edition):: How can personas improve your marketing?

How well do you really know your audience? Take those dull demographics and turn them into stories about the different segments of your audience! Well-developed personas will help you tailor your marketing message and hone your tactics. Watch our first-ever Whiteboard Edition of Good Morning Marketers to learn more about how personas can help your brand.
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Why the four squares? A thunder::tech history lesson.

Our most inquisitive clients and potential team member candidates regularly bring up questions about our visual brand, especially around the four squares (double colons) in our name. So, we figured we’d officially answer this common question.

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