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March 2014
Hot off the email service platform press, here comes another Code Update. Our developers wanted to mention a particular project they are very proud of. Andrews Moving Company offers both residential moving services, as well as logistical and corporate services. Our user experience (UX) designers and developers created a very unique site that moves the user through very sharp graphics and content structures to ultimately submit their request for services. Oh, and it's responsive!  andrews.fw
Tricks and Tips
Firefox Aurora
The latest version of the web browser Firefox is here. Aurora is its name and it has come packed with a number of updates. Some of the major updates were focused on the developer tools. Some of the cool features that were introduced or improved are:

  • A new responsive design view to provide a quick and easy way to see how a site will look on a small screen 
  • A performance analysis tool to help diagnose long load times. This tool will show load times for the different parts of the site so it's easy to diagnose where the bottleneck is
  • Improvements to the page inspector
  • The ability to build your own add-ons to enhance the built-in developer tools to meet your specific needs

There are many more improvements that can be referenced here.
Tech Pulse

The Day We Fight Back

Last month, the Internet celebrated “The Day We Fight Back” to protest online surveillance. More than 6,000 websites took part in the anti-NSA movement, including giants such as Reddit, Tumblr and Mozilla. The goal of the campaign was not only to raise public awareness, but also aimed at sparking Congress. To simply get the facts or to get involved, visit

Kentico CMS 8 is coming!

At the end of Q1 of 2014, we are excited to see that a new version of Kentico CMS is on its way. Kentico 8 will introduce a number of improvements. Some of the improvements we are most excited for are:

  • Platform Enhancements
    • Complete redesign of the user experience for the CMS Desk and Site Manager
    • Significant improvements of the performance of the back-end management
  • E-commerce
    • Product option enhancements
    • Discount enhancements
  • More Flexible Checkout
    • Content management
    • Applying workflow on widgets
These are just a few features of what is to come. To see a more involved list, visit Roadmap!


What a Tool
Responsive Images: A look at PictureFill and the official Picture Element

Those keen on responsive web design (RWD) will tell you that one of the biggest considerations when developing a responsive site is optimizing it to be as light and fast as possible without sacrificing functionality, design or effectiveness. One of the greatest factors in making a responsive site light and fast is optimizing images to have as small a file size as possible, without making the reduction in quality noticeable to the user.


Read more on how this is accomplished.

Code News
Now your maps are only limited by your imagination! (Google Maps)
Gone are the days of generic Google Maps. With just a bit of JavaScript, you can harness the power of the Google Maps API to customize map colors, placeholders and custom overlays. To jump into the Google Maps fun yourself, see this fantastic tutorial series.


Human bot traffic

Do the visitors to your site seem to be acting erratic? A new report suggests that as little as 40% of traffic comes from humans. Read more.
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