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March 2014
Facebook Redesigns News Feed & Pages
FB image

Facebook is getting a makeover, again. Don’t worry, this redesign is meant to streamline the site, so you won’t need to relearn how to navigate, post or update your settings. Both the News Feed and Pages will be getting an updated look, but one is more noticeable than the other.

Read more to find out more about these changes and how they will affect you.
Twitter Updates to a Facebook-Like Profile

Have you looked at your Twitter profile page recently? If your account has been upgraded to the redesigned look, you might be wondering why Twitter suddenly looks so much like Facebook. If your account doesn’t look any different, don’t be fooled, you still need to know about these changes. Why? Even if your Twitter account isn’t involved in this profile redesign test, users with the updated look will now view your account as if it has been switched over.

Take a closer look at the major design updates.

Social Media in the News

What We've Been Up To
Trends 2014

Recently we added a new member to our thunder::tech team. Meet the Real-Time Marketing Center! What does it do? We use it to monitor real-time activities and online conversations surrounding clients, events, trends and just about anything someone is talking about online. For instance we have been watching all the #ThisIsCLE conversations on social media sites as well as watching for photos and mentions of the “This is CLE to me…” chalkboard we helped create in Ohio City for Positively Cleveland’s new brand awareness campaign.

Read more about our Real-Time Marketing Center here.
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