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March 2014
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This month, we're all about saving you time. Learn about ways marketers can save themselves time, how our growing Digital Support Team can allow you to react to issues in real time, and why you should consider photography as a way to transport your products to another time and place.


While you're thinking about quick reactions and time-saving resources, we're also excited to announce our new Real-Time Marketing Center. With five monitors and our favorite comprehensive monitoring tools, we're able to keep an eye on what matters to our clients from every angle. You'll hear more about our Real-Time Marketing Center soon, but in the meantime, ask to check it out the next time you're in our office!

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GMM Quick Question:: How can photography make my product stand out?

Product photography is often the first experience customers have with your product. Why not elevate it by getting rid of plain backgrounds and showcasing your products in real-life environments? Watch our Good Morning Marketers Quick Question to see how you can tell a story with your photos.
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Today's time-starved marketing departments

Today's marketing departments have more tools, channels, measurement, public input, client insight and transparency than ever before, but are doing it all with less strategy, the same (or fewer) team members and flat budgets at best.

8 signs you need to consider a digital support partner

Getting to the end of your rope when it comes to managing your digital properties and putting out fires as they arise? It may be time to consider a digital support partner.
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