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December 2018

Will your 2019 marketing plan let you predict the future? Take a look into the trends that will impact your business in the new year (if they aren't already!) with thunder::tech's 10th annual Trends publication. The all-new, 28-page booklet will give you the insights you need to succeed. Download your copy today! 

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Introducing Marketing Momentum & Data Download
We have been pleased to bring marketing, design, optimization, code and social media trends straight to your inbox. In honor of our approaching 20th anniversary—and to drink some of our own kool-aid and iterate on our own digital marketing to better serve you—this will be our last Creative Update.

Beginning soon, we're excited to bring you Marketing Momentum! It's the same great insights you've come to expect from thunder::tech in a new and expanded package with fresh content based on your feedback and needs. All you have to do is stay subscribed and you'll be automatically ported over to the new Marketing Momentum list.

And if you have an interest in the data side of things, be on the lookout for the opportunity to subscribe to the all-new Data Download newsletter in your first Marketing Momentum newsletter!

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