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January 2019


Welcome! Much like the digital world, thunder::tech is constantly innovating to make your experience better. Most recently, we gave our newsletters a facelift. Please enjoy our very first Data Download newsletter!

Getting and Staying on the Path of Digital Transformation

Video Strategy 2019

Are you curious about digital transformation? Maybe you want to know how it's defined, or maybe you want to learn how you can stay ahead of it. Either way, this comprehensive report will walk you through the ABC's of digital transformation and what it means for you and your brand. 

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Push Play... You Know You Want To

This isn't just a recap of what we did last year, this is a declaration of what we do every year. Push play, sit back and enjoy the show.


#ICYMI: News Worth Knowing

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Protect Yourself in This GDPR Era - thunder::tech

Having trouble navigating GDPR?

Discover how GDPR might affect your business, what precautionary actions are available and how to find the balance in it all.

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