Deist Industries

thunder::tech helped an industry leading B2B container fabricator pull its digital marketing efforts out of the dumpster

B2B Container Fabricator Simultaneously Cleans Up Its Digital Marketing And Storm-Ravaged States

Deist Industries is a B2B welding and fabricating company specializing in roll-off containers, parts and transportation systems. They go to market under four unique banners:

  • Bucks Fabricating—a full line of standard and specialty roll-off containers in sizes ranging from 10 to 60+ yards capacity.
  • Roll-Off Parts—every possible replaceable part for every type of roll-off container.
  • Switch-N-Go—a detachable system that allows work trucks to swap between dump, platform, storage, drop and chipper bodies for ultimate utility.
  • AmeriDeck—a pickup truck-based hydraulic loading system that allows full-size pickups to load/unload up to 2 ½ tons effortlessly.

Deist had invested in paid search efforts in the past which yielded little in the way of conversion data. While the company was forward-focused and saw the potential of digital advertising, they had needed better data to prove a positive return on investment. That’s when thunder::tech rolled in.

Getting our digital ducks in a row

thunder::tech began with a deep dive into previous digital efforts to ascertain what worked and what didn’t. Then we conducted an audit of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns over the past three years to discover any gaps in the campaign efforts. This audit revealed keywords that engaged users in terms of clicks and click-through rates, while also showing which keywords weren’t working.
Next, we developed campaigns for each brand, with a particular focus on Bucks using non-branded keywords related to roll-off containers and roll-off dumpsters. These campaigns started with a large number of impressions to increase the brands overall reach. The search terms were then narrowed down, the keyword match types adjusted and negative keywords added to all campaigns to improve overall performance and quality score. The campaigns were in place and running well as the southern states prepared for storm season.

Bracing for the storm

The main campaign targeted the states most impacted during hurricane season: North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama and Georgia. These states generally needed the most assistance with storm cleanup and, unfortunately, there is often a shortage of roll-off containers (dumpsters) just when state governments and utilities needed them the most.
The campaign raised awareness of the Bucks brand and focused on the message of storm cleanup and helping out in a time of need.
The campaign was extremely successful:

  • Boosted lead generation (quote request completions)
  • Doubled click-through rates
  • 25 conversions in three months
  • Average cost per conversion = $56

With the combined innovative thinking between thunder::tech and Deist Industries, we were able to align their digital marketing with their strategic goal. Ultimately, Deist was able to increase lead generation and increase brand awareness while helping its customers in the south.

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