Garden Of Flavor

thunder::tech helped an up-and-coming all-natural cold-pressed juice company boost awareness and harvest a greater share of the market.

A startup juice company grows its brand with new video and website

Garden of Flavor is a cold-pressed juice company that manufactures nutritious and delicious green juices and other juice blends using organic vegetables, fruits and berries. Originally starting as a brick-and-mortar juice bar, the founder and “head juice lady” began to bottle her unique flavor combinations in a commercial facility to make them widely available at grocery stores, restaurants, cafes and health food stores.
After achieving significant initial success in the market, Garden of Flavor wanted to squeeze more out of the brand by creating a video that demonstrated their (refreshingly short) production process and a website that fully integrated e-commerce into their sales strategy. That’s when the partnership between Garden of Flavor and thunder::tech began to bloom.


Growing an e-commerce experience from the ground up

The Garden of Flavor original website was a typical “brochureware” site that highlighted some of their products and told a little of the backstory of the brand. The new site needed to tell a more comprehensive version of their brand story, explain the extensive benefits of cold-pressed juice and provide a robust e-commerce experience.
thunder::tech recommended an e-commerce focused CMS that would allow Garden of Flavor to easily create new SKUs and package offers to sell products directly from the site. In addition to cold-pressed juice blends, Garden of Flavor also offers a line of energy-boosting elixirs and juice cleanse systems, so the CMS had to allow for the easy addition and removal of products as they came into and out of season.
Cold-pressed juices presented some unique challenges to e-commerce, as the product is fresh, contains no artificial preservatives, and has to be kept refrigerated at all times. Shipments could only be sent out when overnight delivery could be guaranteed, which limited weekend ordering. thunder::tech worked with the client and the CMS platform to identify potential issues and then proactively built in limitations to the system to prevent poor customer service.
thunder::tech’s user experience (UX) designers developed a clean, intuitive structure to the site that allowed visitors to quickly and easily find the information they needed, including a clear path to purchase.
From there the visual designers took over. The client already had an extensive library of beautiful photography of various fruits, vegetables, berries, roots, nuts, herbs and other healthy ingredients, so the design was kept clean and minimal to focus on what went into the juices. Unique visual approaches were developed for specific header areas of the site. For example, the blog utilized photography which was black and white except for the full-color bottle labels in order to draw the eye to the products.

Video brings the cold-pressed juice process to life

The “cold-pressed” juicing process isn’t widely understood, especially compared to traditional shelf-stable juices made by huge corporations. To better illustrate the process, thunder::tech shot a video in Garden of Flavor’s refrigerated facility to show how little processing actually happens between farm and bottle.
The video followed the six steps in the process:

  1. Unloading farm-fresh fruits, vegetables and other ingredients

  2. Cutting and peeling ingredients

  3. Juicing oranges, lemons and limes

  4. Washing all ingredients

  5. Grinding and pressing

  6. Blending and bottling

Care was taken to capture the people behind the product as well as the process, to better tell the Garden of Flavor brand story.
Shooting in a wet and cold environment created some logistical challenges, but thunder::tech was able to overcome and film the entire process from start to finish in less than a day. A second half-day was shot at the founder’s home to show more of the character behind the brand and capture beauty shots of the ingredients and the product packaging.
The footage was collated, edited, color-corrected, had music and voice-over added, and was assembled into the final deliverable. Garden of Flavor uses the video on their website to demonstrate their process as well as using it for distributor meetings and in-store tasting events.
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