thunder::tech helped an emerging kid-focused food brand connect with multiple audience segments through an engaging, interactive website


National Food Group is one of the nation’s largest wholesale distributors of prepackaged and processed foods for industrial food service operations. Their portfolio of brands includes a kids-focused retail line called “ZeeZees.”
ZeeZees products include applesauce, soft-baked bars, fruit cups, graham crackers and sunflower kernels. But ZeeZees is much more than just a lineup of wholesome food, it’s an entire race of intergalactic critters that have invaded our planet with a mission to provide wholesome, fun snacks to kids of all ages!
The ZeeZees have landed!
While thunder::tech was building the new digital experience for National Food Group  (the ZeeZees parent company) we were simultaneously building a new online home for the ZeeZees brand.
ZeeZees is all about wholesome fun, with the individual ZeeZee characters playing a critical part in the brand. Each character has a unique backstory, personality and product or flavor associated with it. These quirky aliens had to be front and center in the new website design in terms of navigation, functionality and visual design.
The characters—numbering more than 20 with additional characters being added all the time—were managed on the back end via the NetSuite CRM platform, which needed to seamlessly integrate into the new website. There was a complex internal logic of associations between products, characters and “friends” (recommended or associated characters/projects) throughout the shopping experience.
The homepage features intuitive navigation for consumers, kids, food service and retailers to self-select the experience they wanted. Each section was customized with information, graphics, photography and navigation relevant to the segment. The site also integrated with select third-party online retailers where visitors could buy product.
News from Planet Z
To help them come alive on the page, each ZeeZee was given a custom animation so they could hop, jump and interact with visitors.
thunder::tech illustrated custom backgrounds and textures to add depth and whimsy to the site. Various videos featuring the ZeeZees and their home planet (Planet Z) were also integrated into the site.
The “Meet the ZeeZees” page is an interactive fun space where visitors can learn more about each ZeeZee. For example, did you know that Tizmo loves video games and playing tic-tac-toe? Or that Quadzi can solve a Rubik’s cube with her eyes closed? These are just some of the fun facts that make the ZeeZees seem more real and relevant to the junior audience.
The “Plant Z” page is strictly for kids, with crafts, stories, videos and downloadable coloring pages so the young and young at heart can enjoy these crazy visitors from a far off planet!
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