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  • Marketing Trends vol. 12 Image

    Marketing Trends vol. 12

    Broaden your horizons as we explore the topics, techniques and trends that impact your brand. This Marketing Trends publication is an information-rich magazine featuring interviews with middle-market business leaders on empathy marketing, customized targeting, building your own content studio, e-commerce trends and pushing the boundaries of creativity. Ascend to the informational summit and position your company for success in 2020 and beyond!
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  • Marketing Trends Vol. 11 Image

    Marketing Trends Vol. 11

    Accelerate your brand Forward into the FUTURE! Our new 24-page magazine is filled with actionable insights around marketing trends that directly impact your business. Learn how to take your brand Direct to the Consumer, use modern methods to Market Your HR department, stay on top of Digital Commerce advancements, choose the right Digital Experience Platform for your needs and more. Download your copy right now!
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  • Trends Summer Reader 2019 Image

    Trends Summer Reader 2019

    Navigating the changing tides of marketing with this 20 page, magazine-style publication filled with trends, topics and techniques critical to your business. Topics cover adapting to shifting buying behaviors, taking trade shows to the next level with digital integration, video marketing strategies that boost ROI, state of retail in the middle market and tackling compliance without sacrificing customer experience. Download your copy right now!
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  • 2019 Marketing Trends Image

    2019 Marketing Trends

    Join us in celebrating 10 years of insightful reporting on the marketing trends, topics and techniques critical to your business. Topics this season include navigating the Amazon-dominated e-commerce ecosystem, integrating chatbots into your enterprise, protecting your data and privacy and implementing visual design that can stand the test of time. All this and more crammed into an info-rich 28 pages!
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  • Digital Transformation White Paper Image

    Digital Transformation White Paper

    Digital transformation isn’t just a buzzword—for many brands it’s the difference between being competitive or being left behind. Smart brands are transforming their communications, promotions, systems and processes for the demands of a modern, 21st century organization. This comprehensive 8-page report outlines the whats, whys and hows of digital transformation and how your company can successfully transition from DOING digital to BEING digital.
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  • Trends Summer Reader 2018 Image

    Trends Summer Reader 2018

    Once again, we expand on the topics, techniques and trends we first explored at the beginning of the year. The Trends Summer Reader is an information-rich magazine-style publication featuring interviews with middle-market business leaders on big data, enterprise marketing, brand transformation, brand management and more. Take a deep dive into the information that will position you for success in 2019 and beyond!
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  • Marketing Trends 2018 Image

    Marketing Trends 2018

    Take a deep dive into trends that will impact your business in the near future, if they aren’t already. Learn more about influencer marketing, digital transformation, content visualization and other developing marketing trends that affect every aspect of business from customer accusation to relationship management. Our all new 28-page booklet will give you info and insights you need to succeed without sticking your neck out!
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    As more people in your organization use marketing, communications and digital technology to support your brand, there’s inevitably more questions and the need to stay educated on trends. In this issue, we have gathered stories from your peers about how they are handling rebranding, social media updates, changes in multimedia, the growing field of performance marketing and how others are dealing with the increasing speed of change.
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    Everyone will find something of interest in our eighth annual Marketing TRENDS publication! Maybe you haven’t heard of “CX,” “Interactive Content,” “Voice Search” or “Business Intelligence” yet, but these and other emerging marketing trends are guaranteed to impact businesses in a big way in 2017 and beyond! Our 28-page guideline will give you insight into these trends and help you rev up your bottom line!
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    Inside this 24-page magazine, we have compiled some of the best success stories and pro-tips to share with business owners, advertisers and marketing insiders. Our annual mid-year publication is chock-full of great information and insight into some of the hot topics in marketing right now. So if you’re an early adopter or just want to broaden your marketing knowledge horizons, the 2016 Trends Summer Reader is a great place to start.  
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  • Marketing Trends 2016 Image

    Marketing Trends 2016

    We have been busy tracking the marketing trends that are on course to go mainstream in 2016. From design, social media, email, PPC and beyond, this guide is a great way to get up to speed and to learn more about how your business can incorporate new technologies and techniques into your marketing strategies.
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  • Trends Summer Reader 2015 Image

    Trends Summer Reader 2015

    See how organizations are successfully putting marketing trends to practice in our mid-year trends publication. It's full of real-life marketing success stories on topics including automation, cloud-based tools, digital display advertising and content marketing.

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  • Marketing Trends 2015 Image

    Marketing Trends 2015

    From design to digital to video and beyond, this guide is a great jumping off point to catch up and learn more about how your business can incorporate these new technologies and techniques into your marketing strategies. Download Marketing Trends 2015: the futurist’s field guide to get a head start on next year’s biggest topics.
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  • Marketing Trends 2014: the futurist

    Marketing Trends 2014: the futurist's field guide

    You are seconds away from exploring some of the more impactful and interesting trends that you're going to hear about this year. Discover the marketing topics we deem important for 2014.
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