online banner advertising

from billboards to the back page

Your advertising doesn't have to be one-sided. Use interactive advertising to help engage more users on a deeper level.

What It Is

Online banner ads typically appear at the top, sides or bottom of your favorite websites. They can be static ads that do not change, or interactive ads that can be playful while asking users to shoot a duck, press a play button to view a video about your product or take a survey to gain valuable consumer insights.

What We Think

thunder::tech’s advertising experts can help plan and execute online banner ads that get clicked and drive results. Depending on your goals, these ads could include motion, sound, video and animation or just a simple message and call to action. We believe all online banner campaigns should be meticulously tracked so improvements can be made and a higher ROI can be achieved over time.

How We Help

Online Banner Advertising Strategy Planning

Smart campaigns begin with smart strategy. thunder::tech starts with audience research, consumer insights and industry experience to develop a plan that puts your advertising message in front of the right people at the right time. This includes exploring where on the Internet your target audience “lives,” including websites, message boards and Internet radio.
thunder::tech’s preferred online banner advertising network, Google AdWords, provides the most robust targeting options available. Your potential customers can be targeted by one or more of the following criteria:

  • Age, gender, location
  • Websites visited
  • Keywords that appear on websites
  • User’s interests based on search patterns
  • Time of day

Online Banner Advertising Creation

Once a plan is in place, the thunder::tech Creative Department gets to work developing effective executions of your messaging. We have our finger on the pulse of new innovations in digital advertising, meaning we will bring you the latest and greatest in techniques to reach your audience, including:

  • Digital banners
  • Rich media
  • Fold over, fold under, pushdown and pencil ads
  • Full-page takeovers
  • Interstitials
  • Overlays
  • Pop-ups
  • In-game advertising

Throughout the process, we are always respectful to budget, deadlines and practical considerations, including file size and load times.

Online Banner Advertising Execution

Having impactful advertising is only half the battle. You need to put that advertising in front of your potential customers when they are most receptive to the message. thunder::tech’s Optimization Team monitors your campaign closely to ensure your targeting options continue to provide the best results. If an ad or targeting method is performing poorly, dollars will be shifted to provide a higher ROI.

The highly flexible nature of online banner advertising allows us to iterate and change on an on-going basis, allowing your business to execute a creative pivot at any point in the campaign with little impact to the bottom line.

Online Baner Advertising Reporting

The highly measurable aspect of online banner advertising allows us to monitor and make changes on a dime. Reports typically include basic information such as clicks, impressions conversions, and recommendations for improvements, but can be customized however you’d like. 

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