Digital Branding

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How your brand engages in the digital marketplace is crucial these days. Make a digital branding strategy to control your online message.

What It Is

Today’s digital marketplace gives your customers more options than ever before, so you must have a compelling reason for them to choose your brand over the competition. It’s no longer enough to make a great product; you have to make a personal connection.

What We Think

With the right digital strategy, your brand can build and maintain a strong connection with your customers. Gone are the days of simply posting content and hoping it goes viral. Digital branding relies on earning the trust of and building communities of engaged users. It’s like the town square in the days of yore, just a lot bigger and shinier.

How We Help

thunder::tech will work with you to develop an online engagement strategy that strengthens your relationship with customers, encourages a meaningful dialog and makes your brand the only choice in their minds.

Online Voice

You set the tone of your brand by answering your customers’ immediate needs first: information about your products and services, details about your company and methods to purchase your products (online or off). Information seekers will typically spend no more than seven seconds looking for what they want on a website before they abandon it and go elsewhere. It's critical to engage users immediately and give them a reason to stay. thunder::tech will make sure that important data is front and center, and navigation is easy and intuitive.

Digital Brand Engagement

thunder::tech will help you engage in a positive “brand conversation” with your customers online. Much of this conversation will happen through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your company blog and other social channels. This brand conversation is invaluable for communicating the benefits of your brand, for receiving feedback from your customers, and helping them connect with other fans of your brand. All of these factors will help turn your customers from brand users to brand loyalists.

For these reasons (and more) social media is extremely important, as it is often the first interaction your customers have with your brand. You should consider it an extension of your customer service department and an opportunity to interact with your customer base, often in real time.

thunder::tech can help guide that conversation and, if the conversation veers out of control, get it back on the right track. In extreme situations, thunder::tech can provide crisis communications assistance to mitigate any lasting damage to your brand—online and off.

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