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As traditional newsrooms scale down and publishing tools and platforms emerge, brands are seizing the opportunity to tell their own story, reaching their audience by creating their own news operations


Brand journalism is a form of content marketing that tells the story of a brand and its industry over time using the techniques and tactics of traditional mainstream journalism in an effort to build brand awareness, show thought leadership and potentially contribute to the generation of leads. Companies can work with thunder::tech to develop their own content/news operations that produce coverage of their industry at large, as well as their brand.


Thirty years ago, the number of working journalists and public relations professionals were relatively equal. Today, there are more than four times as many PR pros as journalists. But the media relations landscape isn’t dying – it’s evolving. With the continuing emergence of new tools and platforms, brands are better positioned than ever to produce journalistic-style content.


thunder::tech employs communications professionals with extensive newsroom experience. Our agency has the personnel and resources necessary to produce and distribute exceptional journalistic content and integrate it with overall marketing objectives.


A brand journalism program can be a great fit for companies looking to achieve any of the following objectives:

  • Produce industry news.
    An unfortunate consequence of traditional media companies cutting newsroom jobs is that coverage of many businesses and industries is lacking or completely non-existent. Brand journalism programs pick up the slack, keeping your customers in the loop on the latest happenings within your company and your industry overall.
  • Establish thought leadership.
    Share your expertise and position your organization as the most knowledgeable and trustworthy source of information on all things pertaining to your industry.
  • Raise brand awareness.
    Put your organization on the map and build familiarity with your target audience. Well-written news stories can create and support a positive, authoritative image for your brand.
  • Generate leads.
    A goal that most closely relates to traditional content marketing programs, specific types of brand journalism content can inspire your audience to take action, get in touch and even become customers.
  • Earned media coverage.
    It’s not just your current and potential customers looking at the content you create. Even if the traditional media isn’t covering you on a day-to-day basis, smart reporters are always on the lookout for emerging industry trends. Capture their attention with a well-written story, and it just might be the basis for the next centerpiece feature in their publication.

Program phases

thunder::tech can work with you in a variety of ways to launch a brand journalism program:

Phase I

  • Content strategy.
    A brand journalism program can’t find success without a proper road map to get there. At a base level, we create a strategic plan for how your organization can best tell its story. We get to know your company, your industry and your goals, and we research the types of content your audience is looking for. With that knowledge in tow, we get to work on building an editorial calendar to map out insightful stories, as well as how, when and on which platforms they should be shared.

Phase II (two options)

  • Content editing.
    Once we have established your content strategy, we are happy to edit copy you have produced in house. Our communications professionals review content for proper grammar, spelling, punctuation and potentially embarrassing autocorrect errors. We ensure that your content reflects your brand voice and fits with your overall marketing goals.
  • Content creation.
    Our talented communications professionals can manage your entire brand journalism program from start to finish. Beyond strategy and editing, we can produce stories and content for various platforms. Whether it’s a long-form feature on the state of your industry, a Q&A with your CEO, a quick breaking news item or series of video interviews, we’re ready to tell your story.


Brand journalism content can take on all types of forms. Depending on the best platform to reach your audience, we can produce journalistic style content for the following:
  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Magazines (digital and print formats)
  • Infographics
  • Video
  • Social media
  • Podcasts


To maximize the effectiveness of your brand journalism program, we analyze the results of our work, incorporating our Optimization Team to ensure content is reaching—and resonating with—your audience. We provide reports at regular intervals, and adjust our strategies and tactics to increase your audience reach and continue driving up engagement.

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