Marketing Surveys

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Finding what your customers really want and need can be the difference between success and failure.

What It Is

For those unique marketing situations in which precision and audience targeting are essential, our team will work with you to implement marketing surveys to really get to know your audience.

What We Think

Without proper understanding of your target audience and their needs, how effective can a marketing plan really be? You could spend hours in trial and error and best guessing until you stumble on the right marketing strategy, or we can begin by directly asking your audience what they want and what their pain points are.

Why guess when you can ask?

How We Help

We know you spend hours every day thinking about your audience, getting to know them and learning the best way to interact with them. Sometimes, this is easier said than done.

Marketing Survey Question Creation and Editing

We develop strategic questions that fit the bill for your survey goals and get to the core of what you want to find out. We make sure all questions you’re asking are framed correctly and poised to yield the answers that will help you the most.

Conduct a Survey

Depending on your audience and scope of project, we will determine the best way to locate your audience and distribute your survey. This may include an online questionnaire we email to your distribution list or conducting a survey in-person on iPads at an event. There are many ways to get the answers you need, and we’ll help find the best method.

Survey Data Analysis

After we conduct the survey, we’ll analyze the data to give you a neat package of everything you need to know. We’ll include stats, direct quotes and maybe even a graph or two and to deliver a report that is easily digestible and can be shared with your team, board members or other stakeholders. thunder::tech has created survey data analysis packets that range from presentations to digital deliveries to large-binded books of knowledge. Whatever way works best for you, we’ll make sure that you get it.

Whether you’re going through a rebranding, launching a new product or feel like you just aren’t reaching your audience the way you used to, thunder::tech can help with its marketing survey expertise.

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