Digital Signage Design

eye-catching visuals for all platforms

Digital signs come in many shapes and sizes, from standalone kiosks to fully interactive video touch walls. Our team can develop a solution for your brand that's simply too engaging to overlook.

What It Is

Digital signs utilize hi-resolution video, animation, graphics and streaming content to engage customers at your office, trade shows, malls and other venues. Digital signage allows for personal interaction with your audience and has never been easier or a more customizable solution.

What We Think

Digital signage is an evolving technology that provides an engaging method to deliver your marketing messages and connect with your customers. Its possibilities are endless.

How We Help

thunder::tech can help you with every part of the digital signage process, including strategy, interface design, database integration, social sharing and analytics. Our signage experts will help you identify what kind of digital signage would be best for your business to meet your goals.

Why Digital Signage?

The most obvious benefit of digital signage is the ability to use movement to capture and keep the attention of your customers. But equally important (if not more so) is the ability to instantaneously update your content across one or one hundred different digital signs. This allows you to be incredibly nimble with your advertising and promotions: Change them daily, hourly or more; swap out messaging based on time of day or venue; conduct live A/B tests, push promotional messages based on expected audience; stream live content from social media properties and much more.

All of this functionality allows you to present an extremely customized message to your audience, which ultimately drives greater engagement, conversation and sales.

Is Digital Signage Right for You?

In addition to promotions featured in public spaces, digital signage can be used for event registration, photo booths, real-time data portals, employee clock in/out, video games, warning/compliance messaging, art displays, educational displays and any other application where you require a highly visible, attention-grabbing sign to engage your customers and/or employees.

Digital signage is such a versatile, flexible channel that there is probably an untapped opportunity for your business right now. thunder::tech will take a strategic approach to identifying the most effective digital solutions for you.

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