Trade Show & Booth Elements

eye-catching visuals for all platforms

An effective exhibit leaves a lasting impression that can impact your bottom line for months. Make your space the must-see attraction and talk of the show during your next industry event.

What It Is

A well-designed and executed booth will grab the attention of passers-by, pull the eye to important messaging and entice viewers to learn more about your products and services. It will also provide the ideal space to feature your products, strengthen relationships with existing customers and connect with new customers.

What We Think

Trade shows and expos are an outstanding opportunity to put your products and services in front of a motivated and interested audience. This may be the first time your potential customers interact with your brand, so it’s critically important to make that first impression a lasting one.

How We Help

Whether your booth is modest (fabric backdrop, table, chairs) or elaborate (rigid backdrop with integrated TV monitors, interactive kiosks), or somewhere in-between, we can design it to project a professional, comprehensive message to everyone who visits.

Trade show booths come in many shapes and sizes. Before recommending a booth design, the customer engagement experts at thunder::tech dive deep to understand your brand, your exhibition goals and your business goals. Do you need to launch a new product? Meet with customers? Demonstrate your latest product innovation? All of the above? We leverage our deep experience base to create a presence that achieves your goals and stands out form the competition.

And, as a truly integrated agency, we can arm you with all the support materials you need, such as brochures, one-sheeters, sales presentation videos, slideshows, branded apparel, wall graphics and more.

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