Media Relations Strategy

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thunder::tech works with you to develop a media relations strategy that ensures your story is told with the right message through outlets that reach the right audience.

What It Is

From tactics like the traditional email pitch and press release, to cutting-edge digital media kits and pitching via Twitter, media relations is still an extremely effective marketing channel.

What We Think

Even as new marketing platforms continue to rise, earned media – publicity gained through non-advertising promotional efforts – remains the most trusted and credible form of content for brands. thunder::tech works with you to develop a media relations strategy that ensures your story is told with the right message through outlets that reach the right audience.

How We Help

How Do We Do It?

thunder::tech takes a comprehensive and tactical approach to media relations. We work closely with you to understand your goals and recommend the best strategy that will fit within your budget.

Journalists still live by the 5 W’s when writing stories, so that seems like an appropriate place to start. Here are the questions we ask when developing your media relations strategy:

  • WHO is your target audience? We help identify the people you’re trying to reach.
  • WHAT story are we trying to tell? We work with you to develop the key messages you want to convey.
  • WHERE will the story be told? From newspapers to television, radio, magazines, trade publications, blogs and everything in between, there are more media outlets than ever. We identify the ones best suited to reach your audience.
  • WHEN will the message be delivered? Timing is everything. At the outset of a media relations project, we create an editorial calendar that identifies key dates for press releases, media outreach and events that are relevant to you.
  • WHY will you feel good about the results we achieve together? We establish benchmarks to measure success, and we continually monitor the campaign as it unfolds to make sure we’re on the right track.

Who Do We Reach Out To?

We build our media lists using a combination of the latest tools like Vocus marketing software and good old fashioned research. We will make sure your key messages are delivered to maximize your reach and impact, whether that is on a local television station or nationally recognized blog.

We choose media outlets to pitch based on several factors, including:

  • Location. Are you trying to reach an audience in a specific city or region? We’ve established relationships with reporters across the country and overseas.
  • Medium. Not all stories fit all platforms. Based on our experience, we can offer guidance on when to pursue specific types of media.
  • Audience size. We want to make sure the outlets we’re pitching for you offer a significant number of viewers, site visitors or print subscribers to provide the greatest awareness and ROI.
  • Subjects. We pay special attention to reporters’ and editors’ areas of expertise so that we connect you with the best contact at the best outlets.

We take the time to get to know the outlets, reporters and editors we’re pitching so that we can deliver better, more personalized story ideas. Developing relationships with the media is a crucial process so that when it comes time to share your story, we know our pitch won’t fall on deaf ears.

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